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Based in the UK & Turkey, AYASIS develops breakthrough new technologies in the EdTech and the health industries.

We proudly present two products shaped by our cutting-edge technologies; MentalUP & NoroSOFT.

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MentalUP is an education platform that features hundreds of gamified exercises for kids aged 4-13. It helps to improve cognitive skills when discovering the true potential with in-depth performance insights. Also, it’s the first app in the world that offers more than 240 personalized, bodyweight fitness exercises in 5 categories for kids.


NoroSOFT is a cognitive rehabilitation software that helps effectively to use mental processes against disease groups that cause cognitive damages. It helps improving attention, focus, memory, visual, problem solving, and abstraction skills in individuals who practice with it regularly.

It's Good for the Brain…

MentalUP has more than 150 brain exercises, besides hundreds of unique levels. It features a personalized daily workout for each user.

It supports mental development in many different areas such as attention, memory, logic, mathematics, visual, verbal, 3D thinking, geometry, speed, and reaction.

Thanks to its advanced reporting tools, MentalUP helps users to discover their potential by showing their outstanding skills and developmental aspects.

Good for the Body

MentalUP is not only beneficial for the brain but also healthy for the body. It has more than 250 bodyweight fitness exercises that anyone can apply, anywhere and anytime.

It supports physical development with various exercises such as flexibility, cardio, strength, and balance.

MentalUP becomes an adventure companion during kids' developmental journey by offering mental and physical exercises together.

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Cognitive Rehabilitation

NoroSOFT is a cognitive rehabilitation software that can be used at home individually or under the guidance of specialist psychologists in health institutions.

Exercises of NoroSOFT can be applied to patients easily via web experience.

Disease-Centered Approach

NoroSOFT is also used to slow down cognitive loss and contribute to regeneration in diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Stroke, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and Oncology.